Visitor centres - Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA) runs programme of visitor centres so called Houses of Nature. This is a private-public-partnership scheme programme in which NCA sets up standards for visitor centres in protected areas, and private bodies (NGOs, municipalities, companies) operating those visitor centres.

Map of the Czech Republic with Houses of Nature.

Houses of Nature are the doors into the Protected Landscape Areas that have been shaped by people for centuries, and where local inhabitants are strongly linked to the unique natural environment.
Protected Landscape Areas represent natural and cultural heritage of national and international importance.

Some are part of the UNESCO global system of Biosphere Reserves, wetlands of international importance and geoparks. They are traditionally the most important and the most attractive tourist destinations. Therefore nature interpretation is among our core values.

We maintain over hundred educational trails, view points and bird observatories, organize guided tours and various presentation events. Our visitor centres – Houses of Nature – are here for our visitors, school children and local people.

We welcome all respectful tourists in our protected areas who follow the basic rules and regulations.

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