null New interpretation trail in Brdy Protected Landscape Area


New interpretation trail in Brdy Protected Landscape Area

16. 12. 2021

The new interpretation trail called Tok as the name of the highest hill (865 m) in this newest Protected Landscape Area – PLA (IUCN category V) is 8 km long and provides information on harsh conditions on the slopes of the Tok.

For example, visitors can learn how round-leaved sundew, a peculiar flower, inhabited this area, why old growth spruce forests are still present there, and perhaps they will be surprised why fungi is so important for heathers survival. The trail consists of one larger interpretation panel and 9 smaller metal ones placed on solitary rocks, as it is a tradition for this PLA“,  Bohumil Fišer from Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic explains.

The interpretation panels are accompanied by QR codes for obtaining additional information. This interpretation trail is the last one that was created in the area based on PLA interpretation plan. The plan was developed soon after the designation of Brdy Protected Landscape Area in 2015. It used to be a military training area before, and therefore there are no settlements within its borders but unique well-preserved natural ecosystems.

Mr. bohumil Fišer
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